Kathy McCord

I'm really enjoying MonsterKid Central. I'm a huge Vincent Price fan and it's wonderful knowing that he'll be kept alive in these pages. Best of luck in the coming years. I'm a forever fan now!

Ed Naha

Dear Jil (Wong), Thank you SO much for your review of my Corman book! You've made my year.

All the best, Ed Naha

Pam Alvarez

Congrats on a fun Monster site. I hope to read about the tv series, "Evil" in the future. It was a really great show. I'm also a fan of The X-Files. So I'm looking forward to some coverage there, too.

Randall Bennett

This is the first time I've ever written fan mail and I'm 70 years old! Just wanted to commend you guys for a job well done. This website is stellar---kudos!

Donnie Billings

Man, I have a lot of fun reliving a lot of good movies on this website. This is hands-down the best horror site there is and I learn as much as I relive. I spread the word to my horror lovin' friends as well. Keep up the good work.


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