My name is Ezra Elektryk. I am the Chief Curator of Mr. E's MonsterKid Museum Of Macabre Movie Marketing Materials. I will be your host on a tour through my vast collection of movie posters, lobby cards, print ads, stills, inserts, signs, pressbooks, front-of-theater designs, autographed memorabilia and other miscellaneous ephemera. BUT be warned: taking in too much of my collection at one time could have dire consequences to your psyche. It could very well be a journey of no return.

Therefore, in an effort to stem the tide of mass madness, I must sadly limit my artwork unveilings to a few Mondays, every month. I have given you a few to start with, as a gift of sorts - a dip of the toe in the proverbial lake of blood. Unfortunately, that is as far as I'm willing to go, without causing an unnerving array of psychotic symptoms that could bring about the end of everything you hold dear.

The hour is growing late.

Shall we begin?

This page is dedicated to the MonsterKid who inspired it; my friend Buddy Barnett