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Ship to Shore PhonoCo presents the release of the original soundtrack to the hit series The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs on vinyl! It features all of your favorite songs from seasons 1 through 3, plus a cover of "Monster Mash" by Joe Bob Briggs & The Lone Stars. You can get it on either translucent green or translucent red vinyl for the measly sum of thirty ($30) buckaroos, at

So if you guys flip your wigs for Joe Bob Briggs, this is the LP that no true fan should be without.

Cover Artwork by Justin Osbourn

Joe Bob & The Lone Stars are:
Vocals: Joe Bob Briggs
Drums, Guitar & Bass: Count D.
Guitar: Frank Iero
Piano & Synthesizer: Fabio Frizzi
Backing Vocals: Darcy the Mail Girl, Yuki Nakamura, John Brennan

Production: John Brennan

Side A

1. Joe Bob is Back in Town
2. The Drive-In Oath (Punk Version)
3. Nobody Sees the Flowers But Me (Hey, Travis Crabtree)
4. Song of Madman Marz
5. Come On, Mary Lou (It's Prom Night II)
6. Lonely Red Christmas
7. Bloodsucking Freak (Ft. Chris Jericho)
8. Lizard of Industry
9. The Drive-In Oath (Remix)
10. Joe Bob is Back in Town (Acoustic Version)

Side B

1. Joe Bob Is At It Again (Alternate Theme Song Demo)
2. Frogtown Blues
3. Halloween Hideaway (Part I)
4. Halloween Hideaway (Part II)
5. Halloween Hideaway (Part III)
6. Darcy the 13th
7. Joe Bob is Back in Town, Charlie Brown
8. Spookies Rap
9. Chili Bandit
10. Tailspin
11. Monster Mash (Ft. Joe Bob & the Lone Stars)

The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs