Richard J. Schellbach's MonsterKid Central began, as a loose concept, on Facebook and has grown into what you see before you. Not only was my plan to expand the news headlines - to keep you up-to-date about the genres we all love - but I also wanted to offer some unique columns and reviews because I think we have some pretty impressive Writers on staff; whose mission is to make you think and (dare I say it?) emote. We are hoping our words will stick with you, long after leaving the page.

I also want you to have as much fun as inhumanly possible! After all, that's what being a MonsterKid is all about.

What we are not, is a place that concerns itself, solely with the distant past. Yes, we love the films of the 1930s thru the 1980s. But we will cover everything from the 1920s to the 2020s and, hopefully, beyond. I have always said that if you don't know where the genre has been, you most likely won't know where it's going. And, while some amazing films came out of the golden era, when Classic Universal Monsters walked the Earth, great and effective Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy movies are still being made today and genre TV has never seen a more creative time.

I, for one, can't wait to bring all of them to you.

This is MonsterKid Central. I bid you Welcome.


[Mon-ster-Kid] noun

The classic definition is someone - historically, a male - who grew up in the late-1950s to the mid-1970s, when:

  • Movie studios, like Universal, RKO and American-International Pictures/Filmways sold packages of horror movies to television.

  • Monster-related magazines, like Famous Monsters Of Filmland, Castle Of Frankenstein, Fantastic Monsters, Horror Monsters, and a dozen more, ruled the newsstands.

  • Toy Manufacturers, like Marx, Aurora and Mattel, produced a seemingly-endless supply of Monster toys for a seemingly-endless number of Kids.

Those "Kids" are generally described as the first generation of MonsterKids. But, to be fair, there were MonsterKids before that period and certainly up till this day. And now, catering to MonsterKids is a huge business. Besides brick-and-mortar and online stores, there are myriad conventions, like Monster Bash Conference, Spooky Empire, Monsterplooza, Chiller Theatre Expo, Monsterama and hundreds of others. Women now attend in equal numbers to men, which is very much needed to keep the MonsterKid culture alive and thriving.

Long Live The MonsterKids!