On February 17th and 18th, 1973, I attended The International Star Trek Convention at the Commodore Hotel, in New York City. It was my first... and the beginning of a love affair with "Cons" that has never dwindled, not even a little bit. To this day, I still go to five or six per year, and I have enjoyed almost every minute of almost every one of them. That's not a bad track record!

This page will be a running travelogue, of my comings and goings in the convention world. Please feel free to join me.

I think it'll be fun.

This was my first time at Monsterama. Superb guests, a live concert by the one and only Alan Howarth, dozens of dealer tables, classic movies shown in a theater and panels on every monster topic you can think of. (I even got to sit on two panels, myself. 1. "Writing For Television" and 2. "1943: A Good Year For Monsters".) I had the best time. I met new friends, the hotel was great and there's a smash burger at the hotel restaurant that I'd name my first born child after... if he didn't already have a name that he's pretty attached to, after almost 44 years. You've got to go to this convention! It's well worth the trip. A wonderful time!

Cosplayer extraordinaire, Rebekah McDonald does Vampirella proud.

Leslie Lugosi, Anthony Taylor, Rich Schellbach

The brilliant Alan Howarth

Soooo many dealer's tables.

"Writing For Television" Panel Part 1

"Writing For Television" Panel Part 2

How often do you get to visit Mars twice in one year? If we're talking about Mars, Pennsylvania, each and every year, if we have anything to say about it.

The Oct/Nov Monster Bash is a slightly smaller but much more intimate Con and we had a ton of fun seeing old friends, talking movies and meeting guests. Those guests were top-notch and we had more fun than a barrel full of mummies.

Max Cheney makes a new friend by the name of Frankie.

You meet the nicest folks in line.

Nathan wasn't as eager to make friends with Max.

Physical media as far as the eye can see.

Me and Sarah - the Manager of the one and only River City Grille.

This was our first time at Connecticut HorrorFest. The only States that are smaller, in mass, than the State I was born in are Rhode Island and Delaware. But just one look at the crowds that attended and you'll reach the same conclusion as I did - that everyone in Connecticut was at the XL Center, in Hartford, this past September 23-24.

The Guests were plentiful and super fan friendly and, although it was crowded, it was well-managed and much easier to maneuver around than it looks.

A great time was had by our staff and we will return.

Ken Foree

Nick Castle

August 26-27 2023

We had an absolute blast covering UltraCon, in West Palm Beach, at the end of August! We met a ton of incredible voice actors from the Dragon Ball Z universe.

As expected Cosplay reigned supreme.

If you're into Anime and you can get to Southern Florida in Aug/Sept, you have got to experience this fantastic show. It's inexpensive, super fan friendly and the guests almost never cancel at the last minute, like at other cons. A MUST!

We bid you welcome!

Friends and Columnists Jon Kitley & Richard J. Schellbach

L - R Writer Max Cheney, Author Tom Weaver, Illustrator Mark Maddox

Writer Anthony Taylor (Always a beautiful woman near the lucky so and so.)

L-R Rich Schellbach, Robert Hagerty, Max Cheney, and David Colton

Ted Haycraft, Max Cheney and Tom Weaver

L-R Illustrator/Creator Kerry Gammill & Actor/Director Dan Roebuck

Editor/Publisher Jim Clatterbaugh at the Old Dark Club House Dinner

Writer Rick Stoner

Jim Clatterbaugh And Marian Owens from Monsters From The Vault Magazine

Rick Stoner & Dan Roebuck

Writer/Camera Operator Bob Hagerty & Artist/Illustrator Mark Maddox

Max Cheney & Jim Clatterbaugh

Jim & Anthony ordering pizza on the last night.

Bob & Rich: A 43 year long friendship and brotherhood

Monster Bash is unlike any other convention I attend. Although I love the autographs I've gotten there, and I've been fortunate enough to meet a bunch of actors and actresses from vintage movies, I go to "The Bash" in Mars, Pennsylvania, to connect with my friends - many with whom I've been friends for years but don't get to see as often as I'd like. Monster Bash is also the main gathering place of an elite group of artists - mostly from the publishing world - called The Old Dark Club House (Named after the 1932 James Whale movie, "The Old Dark House".) I am extremely proud to be a member of that group and I want to thank any member who said, "Sure. Let the idiot join. I mean, what could he possibly f*ck up?"

Well, guys, I guess that remains to be seen.

This year was also made special because my Brother From Another Mother, Bob Hagerty, jumped through hoops to surprise me and spend the Bash with me. Bob has been a professional cameraman for over 40 years and is a published writer. In fact, he was kind enough to be Richard J. Schellbach's MonsterKid Central's Guest Columnist last month. Most important of all, he has been my best friend since 1980 and he made The Bash unforgettable.

So, instead of the usual comments on the Convention itself, let me just say that Monster Bash is run extremely well. It was a joyous convention all around. More importantly, here are some photos of my dear friends - those people who make this convention one that I look forward to the most and the convention that allows me to say, "I'm going to Mars," at least once a year, from now on.

Long Live The Old Dark Club House And Its Members!!!

Comic Book Legends Neil D. Vokes & Kerry Gammill

We had an absolute blast at Spooky Empire Mayhem, two weeks ago, in Orlando. The lines to get in on Saturday morning were problematic and a bit maddening. Other than that, a grand time was had by all. The convention was lively, the guests were superb, the cosplay was outrageous, the dealers rocked (but more physical media in the future, please!) and the rooms were comfy. All in all, a great two days! We're so looking forward to the October show.

Titanic Ghosts

Jason F13 Part 2

The Girl From Ring

Russ Streiner Johnny from NOTLD

RIP Dear Denna. We will love you and we will miss you forever.