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When Adam Wingard’s "Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire" hits the big screens in April of this year, it will pit the mighty King Kong and the ferocious Godzilla against a deadly threat on – or more accurately, IN – Earth, that threatens their future and ours. (Think along the lines of a once-thought-extinct Hollow Earth Titan of the giant ape species.}

"Godzilla X Kong" will be the first MonsterVerse movie to be entirely shot in IMAX’s 1.90:1 aspect ratio. Truly a monstrous monster film of monstrous proportions of the size of its monsters AND the size of its movie screens.

If this clash of titans can capture even two percent of the magic that made Godzilla Minus One so great, it will be a (ahem) huge hit.

* The Ideal Companion?

     One of the breakout stars of "Yellowjackets", "The Boogey Man" and "The Book Of Boba Fett", Sophie Thatcher, has been named in the title role in "Companion", the sci-fi thriller from the team behind the 2022 shocker "Barbarian".

Planned for a production start late this summer, "Companion" also boasts a cast that includes Lukas Gage, Megan Suri, Jack Quaid, and Harvey Guillén. Myriad plot points are being kept super-secret. The little we could get out of anyone was that the movie is self-contained. Keep in mind that 1978’s "Halloween" was self-contained too… until it did bonzo box-office and they sequelized, remade and reimagined it a dozen times, give or take; the term “self-contained” has lost a bit of its luster over the past decades.

Drew Hancock is making his directorial debut from a script that he wrote and the feature is being produced by Zach Cregger, the filmmaker who made the ultra-twisty "Barbarian".

When we find out more, you’ll be the first to know.

* Star Trek: Resurgence Is Set To Go Where No Game Has...

Well, You Know.

     Dramatic Labs has set a release date of May 23rd for the science fiction adventure game, Star Trek: Resurgence. After being delayed for a year, Resurgence is launching for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5, and PC. (Where’s the Nintendo Switch love???)

Dramatic Labs is staffed by former Telltale developers, many of whom worked on the ultra-popular Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead games.

Star Trek: Resurgence is set shortly after Star Trek: The Next Generation, and before Star Trek: Picard. Suffice it to say, there are lots of timelines to keep track of. The game will feature two playable lead characters. Dramatic Labs has teased that there could be known Star Trek Universe characters from throughout the history of the franchise. Word has gotten out that the one and only Spock will feature heavily in the Resurgence storyline.


* Netflix Presents Their Original Science Fiction Film;

"They Cloned Tyrone" From Writer Juel Taylor.

     Netflix’s brand new Sci-Fi/Comedy/Action flick; “They Cloned Tyrone” stars John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, Teyonah Parris and J. Alphonse Nicholson and has, as best we can tell, a Pulp Fiction/Attack The Block vibe to it.

It’s helmed by first-time Director, Juel Taylor, who wrote “Creed 2” and co-wrote this script, with Tony Rittenmaier.

The film centers around certain events that bring the unlikely three (Boyega, Foxx, Parris) together to solve a mystery, concerning a deep government conspiracy.

Mark R. Wright and Jack Murray are executive producing.

* The ALIEN Franchise Hatches A New Movie In 2023

     Fede Alvarez is set to direct a new stand-alone ALIEN movie. (The fifth, seventh or ninth, depending on if you want to add just the two prequels or include the two AVP movies to the original Quadrilogy.) Alvarez is best known for "Evil Dead", (2013) "Don't Breathe" (2016) and "The Girl In The Spider's Web" (2018). There are conflicting reports on whether he will also be handling the writing chores.

Keeping in mind that Disney now owns 20th Century Fox Studio, will the ALIEN Queen be just another Disney Princess?

* I Am Still Legend???

     The Weed Road and Warner Brothers collaboration is in the final script stage for a sequel to the 2007 film, "I Am Legend", once again starring Will Smith as Dr. Robert Neville. Wait. What's  that you say? SPOILER ALERT!!! The good doctor threw himself on a grenade at the end of "I Am Legend"? Well, by golly, you're right! He not only was taken out by a bomb, but so was the movie's box office. So how on Earth will they save poor Will Smith so that he will live another day, to battle crappy CGI creatures? Simple; it looks like what you saw never happened. That's right. You saw it... but you didn't see it. It seems that the ending that played in the theaters was a reshoot. The original script had Neville alive at the end and the Producers want you to somehow understand that, even though those of you unlucky enough to plunk down your cold hard cash, 17 years ago, were shown otherwise. Good plan. It worked really well with audiences having to forget they saw seven Halloween movies, when that franchise rebooted.

Michael B. Jordan is set to play a yet unnamed character. My suggestion to Will Smith is to beware. After playing Adonis Johnson in two "Creed" movies, Michael B. Jordan, unlike Chris Rock, most assuredly will hit back.

* Doc, Marty, Lorraine & Biff Get "Back", In Fan Expo Pic!

     Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson each shared an amazing photo on their Instagram accounts showing themselves, along with their "Back To The Future" co-star Tom Wilson, at Fan Expo in Portland Oregon, this past weekend - 33 years after they starred together in the third installment of the blockbuster trilogy; "Back To The Future Part III".

"I love being at these Fan Expo events and seeing some of my favorite people like Lea, Tom, Chris and all you #bttf heads. Heavy", Fox wrote on Instagram.

Added Thompson, "Wow, honestly, had the best time today with my #bttf family."

"Thank you Portland! Now let's get back to 1985", wrote Lloyd.